Staff Training

As you may well already be aware that employers have duties to protect personnel and the workplace from fire, indicated in the EEC framework and Workplace directive. With trained and knowledgeable staff, you can reduce the risk of fire breaking out, but if it did, they would have the knowledge that small fires can be extinguished in its early stage.

We offer four different courses designed to cater for everyone's needs. All of the courses are done at your premisis, this helps reducing your loss of time and man power considerably. The core subjects that are covered by all of the courses are; your companies fire procedures, good housekeeping, development of fire, method of extinction, difference of fire extinguishers & live fire demonstration.

In addition to these we have tailored courses with several more subjects.


For up to 15 people, lasting 1hr 30mins approx.


For up to 15 people, lasting 2hrs approx. Including the content of the Basic course.


For up to 15 people, lasting 3hrs approx. Including the content of the Standard course.


Unlimited courses (15 per course), lasting all day. Including the content of the Intermediate course.

If you would require any further assistance in choosing your course or if you wish to design your own then please contact us.