Fire Systems Testing

Our fire systems testing services range from dry riser and fire alarm testing to fire risk assessments. Summarised below are the fire systems testing services which we specialise in.

Fire Risk Assessments

A fire risk assessment allows you to identify potential fire hazards and risks in your workplace. This gives you the ability to analyse whether objects need repositioning, exit strategies need reassessing, or action plans need to be created and the staff trained. We will take you through the steps to:

Dry Riser and Fire Alarm Testing

Our complete testing involves dry riser testing in compliance with BS 5306: Part 1 1976. Optionally we can supply your business with a full range of products for new, or replacements for existing systems. Our services will be arranged at convenient times for you and we will cause the bare minimum of disruption to your workplace.

It is the responsibility of the business/property owner to maintain dry risers in good working order. The BS 5306 recommends that a dry riser system is inspected at least every 6 months. A dry riser testing and servicing is also recommended anually in order to ensure that dry riser equipment is ready for immediate use in any emergency.

Fully functional fire alarm systems are built to give enough advanced warning to save the lives of you and your employees. Our fire alarm system testing service backed up by your regular checks will ensure that the system will protect against damage and injury to your property and employees.

Smoke detectors will lose sensitivity over time, standby batteries in control panels become weak and faults can develop which could jeopardise safety in your working environment. We will perform testing and analysis of your systems in compliance with British Standards as part of your requirements for a local authority fire certificate.

Extinguisher Servicing

All fire extinguisher servicing is carried out in compliance with BS 5306. We will perform DTR upon water, foam, and powder extinguishers. We will ensure that they are certified safe and fit for use and that they are appropriately located for the fire risk presented in that situation.

Our servicing is thorough and performed on your premises without disrupting your day-to-day business. We can arrange an annual contract so as to ensure that your equipment is maintained in accordance with your legal requirements.

Fire Protection Equipment

We are suppliers of fire protection equipment throughout the UK. Products such as:

We also stock spare parts as part of our servicing and repair. Products include: