Fire Safety Training

Our fire safety training programme is a comprehensive day of training involving your workforce and our specialist trainers. Our fire training courses are modular so you can select the modules you require for your personnel. Alternatively you can choose the right course from the four main courses: basic, standard, intermediate, and advanced. All fire safety training days will comprise of several core sections:

Fire Procedures

Employees need a to be well trained in your company's fire safety procedures. This fire training session will be focussed upon the necessity for each employee to have a good knowledge of your company procedures in the event of a fire.

Good Housekeeping

From our experience in training various companies, we know that promoting good housekeeping is as important as any other section of our fire safety training programme. By following a simple routine of precautionary measures, each employee can considerably reduce the risk of fire in the work place.

Remember: Both employee and employer has a responsibility to ensure safety procedures are followed in the work place.

Development of Fire

Fire can be extremely dangerous if uncontrolled. A self-sustaining fire can consume structures and buildings. It can cause severe injury and death by burns or smoke inhalation. Structural fires can be started from cooking accidents, electrical faults, and accidents; accidents with matches, lighters, and cigarettes. Fire will spread rapidly to other structures if basic precautions are not followed.

Extinguishers and Methods of Extinction

This training section will involve looking at fire extinguishers and which method or extinguisher type to use in each situation.

We will cover fire drills and action plans along with training and assessment of your employees' knowledge of different extinguisher types. Methods of extinction involves going step by step through possible fire situations, assessing the danger, and the recommended route to extinguishing the fire. All of which will complement your company fire policy and compliance with the Health And Safety At Work Act.

Live Demonstration

With our live demonstration, we will truly show your employees how a fire can start, spread, and consume. We will then give a comprehensive display of the methods used in extinguishing a fire safely without risk to personal safety whilst stressing the importance of health and safety regulations.